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First-Cost Competitive
When holistically integrated with the building design, access floors with underfloor service distribution is first-cost comparable to conventional wire, voice/data, and air distribution solutions.

Operational Savings
Considerable operation and maintenance savings are realized: superior energy efficiency is achieved with underfloor air, while accessible and flexible access floor and underfloor air, plug-&-play wire and cable streamline reconfigurations and reduce churn costs.

Easily Adapts as your Business Changes
An access floor with modular, plug-&-play power wiring, cabling, and air components provide complete flexibility. As your business needs change, so can your service distribution system — quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Improves Productivity
With the ultimate in personal comfort control and superior indoor air quality, access floors with underfloor air distribution improve occupant satisfaction and increase productivity.

Green & Sustainable
Access Floors with underfloor service distribution contribute to the ability to accumulate significant LEED points in the areas of Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality.

Increases Property Value & Maximizes ROI
A service distribution system that is first-cost competitive; provides operational cost savings; easily adapts to your evolving business needs; improves occupant satisfaction; and green and sustainable is a sound financial decision.

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